Ready2Go Movers

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When do we pay?

To book the service and secure the slot the call out fee is payable at upfront. Rest of the service cost is payable once the move is finished.

What are the methods of payments you accept?

We accept cash and online payment methods. 

For online payment, we will send you a link in you email or text. Once you click on the link you will have an opportunity to pay via PayPal, Master or Visa card. 

Do I get a dedicated contact from beginning to the end?

Our office has schedulers and team leaders who coordinate the smooth running of our moves statewide

How is Ready2Go Movers different from other mover companies?

We care about you and we are able to save you money. This is efficiently and easily done before you book a move whereby our team at Ready2Go will ask you a few questions concerning your move for instance whether u have valuable or bulky items etc. This will ensure that we get right truck for you and it will also ensure that only one trip is required thereby saving you both money and time.

Can you dismantle and reassemble my items?

We certainly can dismantle and reassemble your items for you since we carry our tools in our tuck but it is very important that just in case, we are well informed before hand. 

How long will it take to move me?

A lot of factors are involved in this for instance how well have you prepared for the move, the weather conditions on the moving day, the level you are at in the apartment building, is the lift going to be solely ours or are we going to share it if any, the time required to load, secure and offload your items, how far your premises is to where the truck is parked, and the distance from your former premises to your new premises. It will be cheaper for you if you pack all the items very well before our crew arrives at your pickup location. Integrity and referrals have helped us grow so we promise to give you quality relocation since we stand to lose you and your referrals if we do not.

Do you charge any hidden costs?

What you are quoted to pay at Ready2Go Movers is what you will pay. We ensure that we send you a confirmation of both our and your obligations and it vividly shows you the prices thereby there are no hidden costs.

When should I book my move?

The earlier you give your notice, we are able to accommodate with the times and days that best suit you to move plus it also gives you a 10% early bird discount offer if you book two weeks in advance. Thereby, the earlier the better.

Can I help the movers?

It is permitted when moving items from your house to the truck. However, you cannot enter the truck as our insurance prohibits that.

Do you have any cancellation Fees?

There are no cancellation Fees. We only allow this if the cancellation is done less than 48 hours prior. In that case the call out fee will be forfeited.

Do you have insurance for our furniture items?

Our package involves Workers Compensation and free Public Liability. In short, if we break it we fix it. We guarantee that your items will be delivered to your new location free from breakages since in addition to removal services we also have an option of us using preventable bubble wrapping for additional cost. In case of exclusion, we ask you to refer to our Terms & Conditions available in our web site.

Do you move homes and offices?

Yes, our day to day services are broad thus we do carry out home and office moves.

Do you take pot plants and bbq`s?

Yes, we do. For cleanliness and hygiene purposes we do request that the plants are wrapped using the green garbage bags or the commercial grade shrink wrap and Bbq should be completely covered with plastic wrapping.

Is there any additional charges?

Yes. A relevant call out fee applies on each service. It’s payable at upfront to book the time slot.

We charge extra fee if stairs are involved on either location.