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When you move out of or around Logan, call our expert removals team to help you get your possessions to your new home – even if that’s another city!

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Moving homes can be an extremely stressful process; the logistics involved can often be frustrating and tiresome. Where you live is such a huge part of many people’s lives, so no wonder many people become so overwhelmed in the moving process.

At Ready2Go Movers, we continually strive to make this process as streamlined as possible. We are fast, efficient and reliable local removalists in Logan. Contact us, and our team of experienced and trained professionals will pack, transport and unpack your belongings.

We can make moving to your new home that much easier!

Our services include both residential and commercial relocation, interstate moving and furniture assembly. Contact us today for a

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Our goals and commitment to you

Our service to you is of the highest importance – we value you and your property above all else

Here at Ready2Go we are committed to providing you the customer with the highest level of customer service. This includes ensuring the safety of your property, working efficiently, and offering the best prices.

We understand the concerns that you may have about entrusting all of your possessions with a team of strangers, especially if this is your first time moving. This is why we are dedicated to maintaining a high level of trust and communication with our customers; so that you can rest assured their possessions are in safe hands.

Our Logan local removalists services are ideal for people who need to move homes or offices but are unable to do it all themselves. By engaging our services we let you get on with your life while your belongings are safely relocated to your new home.


Why Ready2Go Movers?

Let’s see why Ready2Go Movers is the best choice among your local removalists


Our local removalists in Logan adhere to safety standards and required movers codes. We ensure that customer service remains our number one priority, by being both thorough and efficient.

Professional service

Our team of professional and experienced movers take extra care when handling your possessions. Each crew has decades of combined experienced in moving and packing fragile items both big and small. With our professional team you can rest assured your belongings are safe and secured.


Progress updates

Our team working on removals in Logan will ensure to update you on the progress of your relocation. We provide SMS alerts to customers about the team’s progress so that you can sit back and relax knowing your belongings are in safe hands.


Custom teams

The team that is assigned to your home has been made with your exact needs in mind. We ensure that no team is under or over staffed, allowing them to be optimally efficient. You can sit back while we work, with the peace of mind that your crew of professionals has been formed with just you in mind.



We are always introducing new discounts and special offers that you, the customer, can benefit from. If you are interested in our current discounts and value offers available, contact us.

How it works

Hiring local removalists in Logan has never been easier, let’s see how it works

  1. Contact us for a FREE quote
  2. Make a booking
  3. Our crew will arrive at your home to pack your belongings
  4. We the deliver these to your new home
  5. Our team reassembles everything, ready for you to move in

Logan Area – List of Suburbs we are active in


Browns Plains



Logan Central



Slacks Creek



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